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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 18: Tony Cecchine

Tony Cecchine has been involved with American Catch as Catch Can Wrestling since 1977 and has been recognized as its leading exponent by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council, an organization that votes on the premier martial artists from various styles (members include such luminaries as Wally Jay, Helio Gracie, and Ernesto Presas). The late, great Lou Thesz, considered by many as the greatest catch wrestler of all-time, dubbed Cecchine a "hooker," recognizing Tony's submission and wrestling skills as the highest a catch wrestler could achieve. Tony understands both the intricacies of hooking and its place in an overall integrated fighting system built on wrestling and boxing fundamentals.

Tony's instructional videos have received rave reviews and have been used to train professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters and other professional athletes, as well as regular Joes. As one online reviewer said of Tony and his art, "His philosophy is simple . . . submission, submission, submission."

Tony teamed up with Paladin Press to produce the video series Snap, No Tap! This video series is seven volumes and gives instruction on how to survive in the ring, or on the streets using his knowledge in catch. 

Listen along as we speak to Tony in this podcast. Tony can be contacted through his website.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 17: W. Hock Hochheim
On Paladin Podcast Episode 17, we speak to W. Hock Hochheim about his new video with Paladin Press. Mr. Hochheim is a military veteran and former law enforcement officer with more than 20 years of experience as a street patrolman and case agent detective. He has also performed security and protection work for former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, best-selling author Tom Clancy, actor and martial artist Chuck Norris, and many others.

As a self-defense expert who teaches seminars for civilians and law enforcement professionals around the world, Hock’s first video with Paladin is titled Street Stick Combat: Stick Takedowns for Hard-Core Self-Defense. Hock takes decades of street experience, strips away the theory, and brings you a stick takedowns program you can use as a civilian, law enforcement officer, or military professional. The point isn’t to create a so-called “stick fighter,” but a street warrior capable of handling almost any violent encounter using a stick, baseball bat, or any other like blunt weapon, including less-lethal use of a rifle or shotgun.

Listen along as we talk to Hochheim about some of his military, martial arts, and law enforcement experiences, and the making of his first Paladin video.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 16: Tough Times

On Paladin Podcast Episode 16, we take a special inside look at the popular Tough Times Survival Guides, Volumes 1 and 2. These books are a collection of offbeat, unusual essays on economic survival from a broad spectrum of Paladin’s most accomplished authors.

During this episode, we will meet three of the many authors who contributed chapters to Tough Times: low-tech homestead expert Phil Garlington, former bill collector and pawnbroker Max Edison, and computer maintenance expert James MacLaren.

First we speak to Phil Garlington, author of Rancho Costa Nada, about building your own shelter, finding decent living conditions almost anywhere you’ll go, and comfortable tent living. Next we speak with Max Edison who is the author of How to Haggle and Beat the Bill Collector, about the little-known secrets of haggling, the banking industry, and protecting your money in these difficult economic times. And last but not least, we chat with James MacLaren. James is the author of Free Computers and in this podcast speaks to us about places to look for free computers and how to work them.


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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 15: Melissa Soalt

Melissa Soalt is a veteran women's self-defense trainer specializing in practical and full-force, scenario-based methods. A former psychotherapist who has successfully staved off physical attacks, she has been featured on NBC Nightly News and in Self, Woman's Day, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek Japan. She has published numerous articles and is working on a book. Also known as "Dr. Ruthless," she is a Black Belt Hall of Fame Recipient and Woman of the Year, and was recently named Winner of Black Belt's Industry Award for Best Women's Self Defense of 2008.

In Melissa’s latest video Fierce and Female, Melissa teaches women how to remain focused and unleash a ferocious counterattack to repel rape-specific pins and assaults.

Listen along as we talk to Melissa about the history of women’s self defense and what she would like people to learn from her experience and knowledge.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 14: Phil Motzer

Phil Motzer, the Crucible’s chief firearms instructor, recently completed his first Paladin video, Pocket Pistols: Small-Frame Handgun Strategies for the Street, which is volume two in Kelly McCann’s Crucible High-Risk Environment Training series (available now at

Pocket Pistols demonstrates that it’s not the size of the gun in the fight, but where and how you place your rounds that determines whether you arrive home safely or go to the morgue. Cutting through all the myths and misinformation swirling around about pocket pistols, Motzer teaches various concealment and carry methods, shooting tactics, and ballistic effect on flesh. Using calibers from the .22 to the .38, Pocket Pistols is a comprehensive study of the real-world use of the pocket pistol in combat.
In this podcast, Phil discusses how he became an instructor at the Crucible, some of his overseas experiences working in high-risk environments, and what motivated him to create Pocket Pistols. He also shares some thoughts  about his next Paladin title, Exploding Handgun Myths, which will be volume five in Kelly McCann’s Crucible High-Risk Environment Training.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 13: Joseph Simonet
In 1999, master martial artist Joseph Simonet took the world by storm with his best-selling Mook Jong Slam Set video, teaching a style of dynamic wooden dummy training based on functional movement and explosive power, not martial arts dogma. With the use of the mook jong, you can train full speed and full force on a partner that won't complain, get injured or quit.

The newest video series by Paladin Press, The Art and Science of Mook Jong builds on that foundation of technique, taking your fighting skills to the next level and beyond. In the first volume, The Blade Set, Joseph prepares you for a real knife fight by teaching a short form on the dummy that burns in simultaneous block and attack moves to damage your attacker, cripple him, or end the fight once and for all. In volume two, The Club Set, Joseph teaches a hard-core, street ready fighting system using the club to finish your opponent without the complicated flow drills or finesse-filled techniques. Volume three, Slam Set Evolutions, Simonet teaches counter-grappling techniques designed to demolish a seasoned groundfighter; takedown defenses that will not only stun your opponent, but also set him up for a devastating throw; and an improved putar kepala throw guaranteed to both disorient and destroy an attacker.

To be a true martial artist, a true warrior, you need to refine your fighting skills to the highest level: The Art and Science of Mook Jong can put you on the path to combat excellence.

So listen along as we speak to Joseph about this incredible video series and what inspired him to release such great information to Paladin Press.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 12: James Ballou

In today’s high-tech society, even the most advanced devices and systems are not failsafe. Tools can break or wear out, batteries can go dead, and all sorts of malfunctions can render the modern conveniences we rely on totally useless. If quick replacements of failed items are not readily available, the ability to improvise and adapt in survival situations become very practical.

That is why James Ballou decided to write his new book, Makeshift Workshop Skills for Survival and Self-Reliance: Expedient Ways to Make Your Own Tools, Do Your Own Repairs, and Construct Useful Things Out of Raw and Salvaged Materials, released by Paladin Press in May 2009. Makeshift Workshop Skills provides precise instruction in makeshift metalworking, practical calculating skills, and resourceful salvaging, plus dozens of practical tips for the craftsman or handyman who might need this information in an emergency or who simply enjoys learning about alternative ways to handle home workshop projects.

In this podcast, Jim tells why he decided to expand on the home workshop material found in his first book, the best-selling Long-Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age. Featuring amusing and informative accounts of his experiences working with what most people would consider junk, Jim provides the listener with a wide range of remarkably creative ideas for becoming more self-sufficient, including how to set up the ideal home workshop. Jim, who is in the insurance business, explains why he calls his new book “an insurance policy for the future.” In addition, he discusses the information in Long-Term Survival and offers a compelling argument for why survivalists are making a positive contribution to themselves, their families and communities, and the nation.

Listen while we speak to James about his Paladin books, how he became so interested in makeshift projects, and what he has planned for his next Paladin project, which is he already hard at work on.

To purchase Makeshift Workshop Skills for Survival and Self-Reliance or Long-Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age, visit the Paladin Press online store.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 11: Loren Christensen

Anyone who has been a fan of Paladin’s Action Library over the years knows and respects the name Loren Christensen. Loren served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War as a military policeman in Saigon. When he returned to the States in 1972, he joined the Portland, Oregon, Police Bureau, where he worked street patrol, gang intelligence and riot control among many other duties. He retired from the force in 1997 and since then has written dozens of books, many of them for Paladin Press, and also stars in several Paladin DVDs.

Loren has established himself as the go-to guy for everything from practical instruction on winning an ugly street fight to escaping a riot to surviving when school or workplace violence erupts. In the course of his life, Loren has met and worked with many people who can be called “warriors”—people who run toward danger rather than away from it; people who protect and rescue others even at the cost of their own safety.

In Warriors: More on Living with Courage, Discipline, and Honor, Loren presents an expanded and updated version of his 2004 best-seller and allows a diverse mix of fellow warriors to tell, in their own words, what it’s like to sacrifice, to train, to fear, to protect ... even to kill ... to accomplish what needs to be done.

We spoke with Loren about his background in law enforcement and his experiences in martial arts and how they relate to real world self-defense. To see complete descriptions of Loren’s titles (including video clips of his most popular DVDs), search our online store at today.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 10: The Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff for Boys Who Never Really Grew Up

This time around we have not one, not two, but three interviews to share with you! Join us as we talk with author and illustrator Paul Kirchner, firefighter and EMT Michael Morse, and famed Emerson Knives owner Ernest Emerson about their contributions to the best-selling new book, The Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff for Boys Who Never Really Grew Up.

A wildly eclectic compilation of dozens of topics with something for every adrenaline junkie and thrill hound out there, Dangerously Fun Stuff is pure Paladin Press excitement, straight from the tap. Featuring over three dozen authors and 70 chapters, this book is a perfect travel companion, an ideal gift for the guy who has everything, or as a daily affirmation about living life to the fullest.

For more information, or to order the book, please visit us online as While you’re on our website, sign up for our monthly electronic newsletter. It will keep you updated on all things Paladin, including special promotions, new product announcements and discounts that will save you big money.

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The Paladin Podcast, Episode 9: Paul Kirchner

Multi-talented author and illustrator Paul Kirchner joins us to discuss his exciting new book, More of the Deadliest Men Who Ever Lived, now available from Paladin Press.

Kirchner has been a writer and illustrator for more than 25 years. His graphical work has appeared in such diverse locations as Marvel Comics, The Wall Street Journal, and Paladin's Jeff Cooper books, to name but a few.

With More of the Deadliest Men Who Ever Lived, Kirchner returns with a sequel to 2001's best-selling The Deadliest Men. A compulsive page-turner, More of the Deadliest Men Who Ever Lived profiles over three dozen of history's greatest warriors, including King David, John Wesley Hardin, George S. Patton, Richard the Lionheart, and Manfred von Richthofen.

Also in this interview, Kirchner shares some of his personal recollections of shooting legends Jeff Cooper and Jim Cirillo (Kirchner's 2008 book, Jim Cirillo's Tales of the Stakeout Squad, has become a word-of-mouth best-seller, and his pen-and-ink illustrations for Cooper's Principles of Personal Defense added a stylish new dimension to that iconic title).

To order Kirchner's books, please click on the highlighted text above, or visit Paladin Press on the web at to browse these and hundreds of other exciting books and DVDs.

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